Find out about life inside a First World War trench and discover facts about trench warfare.

How Did World War 1 Start ? What Was Life like for Soldiers in WW1 ? ww1 timeline

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Features :

- WWI - How did the war start?
- Maps
- Life inside the trenches

- Weapons of WWI
- WWI Battles
- Going over the top
- War at sea
- War in the air
- The Somme
- War ends
- Remenbrance day

Age 7+ -

Historical periods are organized thematically and chronologically from 1914 to 1915
Specially designed for children of 7 years and up, this application aims to :

- Develop a child's knowledge and understanding of WWI history
- Provide key facts and events to consolidate classroom learning


We take your privacy very seriously. This application
- Does not collect information
- Does not contain advertising
- Does not contain in-app purchases
- Does not use analytics / data collecting tools
- Does not link to social networks

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